Poupee girl <3

Have you ever heard of poupee girl? NO? Well, If you have ANY interest in fashion whatsoever you should give it a go ♥

It’s a site on which you can create and dress up your very own cyber- paper doll (yes, I am aware of the contradiction here). It’s originally a Japanese site, but there are users from all over the world. They made an english interface too, so it’s easy to use for not Japanese speaking individuals too (except that sometimes you might find the menue to switch to japanese or some unconventional spelling in the english words)

You can upload pictures of your own fashion items, look at other peoples stuff in their “closets”, exchange opinions and “suteki♥” (like) your favourite items. You get ribbons (the currency of poupee town) for logging in, saving you poupees outfit or uploading pictures of your items. With these you can buy clothes at Catherines Shop and the poupee market. It might take some time to get a decent change of clothes, but you can find good (and cheap!!!!) stuff at the poupee market. There is another currency (jewels) too, but I’ll keep that for the next entry ^_^

The picture on top is one of my poupees styles. Right now the “June bride” event is on, so I tried a kind of pixie bride look for mine. If you look closely, there is a small horn on top of my poupees head. Also, I let her go barefeet… I just wanted to give her an earthbound feeling. And surprisingly, this also correlates with my blogs title😉 Well then, I’m off!!

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One thought on “Poupee girl <3

  1. natascha

    Holla die Waldfee!!! Wie süß ist das denn! ..ach ich liebe deinen Stil!

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