Todays poupee <3 khaki dress

This is todays poupee ♥ outfit. I got the dress cheap at poupeemarket since everyone seems to sell off their unwanted items to get ribbons (for the June bride event). I was surprised it actually suited my poupee really well!! It looks simple and comfy but cute too❤

I really like the combination with the skirt underneath! Although there is some white lace at the bottom, it looks a bit too short and plain without the skirt underneath! The letter is one of my most favourite items❤ Although I’m not a Ken fan. Who is Ken anyways? It’s not supp0sed t0 be Barbie’s Ken, right? Aaaaanyways, I guess I’m not up-to-date on popculture  ( -_-“)

But i do love the khaki and brown colour combination❤

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One thought on “Todays poupee <3 khaki dress

  1. natascha

    Süß, sieht sehr bequem und sehr nach dir aus! Und ich liebe die farbkombination!

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