Our diso minds – just the two of us

This thursday I went to OUR DISO MINDS ‘s concert♥


I really like their sound…Although most their songs are kind of sad-ish… But Mira-lu’s singing is awesome! I loved the guitar too! This time it was “Just the two of us” (just Mira-lu and the guitar player)

<– I bought their CD too♥

The CD is really well done. (get more pics of the cover shooting here and here) I liked the LIVE even better though. Whether that’s because I generally like just singing& guitar or because the atmosphere at live concerts is just so much more intense I don’t know. The location was also cool btw. It was at TUNNEL in Vienna. They have live music every day from 9 pm! Many of their concerts are free (you give whatever amount you feel appropriate). I’d love to go there with some friends just to hang out… (I was alone this time… ):

Well, check out their songs on their myspace site!! I hope there’ll be more concerts in the future! (Although the next one seems to be in switzerland…)

♣Well, that’s it for today♣

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One thought on “Our diso minds – just the two of us

  1. natascha

    Ach, die sind ja echt cool! Nichts zum nebenbei hören aber live bestimmt superklasse!! Ich will wirklich mal mit dir in diesen Club!

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