Tina Müllner

Hey people!!

Today I want to introduce one of my work colleagues, Tina Müllner.

I’d been having many good chats with this lady and I’m quite sure we must have talked about what she was studying, but I had no Idea she was into art at all!! So this morning when I arrived at work I was really surprised to find her working on a sketch of a squirrel! Being my nosy self I practically forced her into showing me her other sketches too! Especially the squirrel sketches were really endearing♥ And some of her facial expression sketches for her main character (for it is a story she is illustrating, not just single pictures!) were really nice! Since I’m really into stories and drawings and paintings I totally kept her from drawing and asked her about her story. (I don’t even remember how many stories I started writing but never got anywhere even near finishing) In the end I made her give me her blog adress, so here it is: http://www.cadelia.info

She allowed me to put up some of her pictures here 🙂 . These are amongst my favourites:

I also like her bookillustrations… I love the atmosphere and lighting in the picture, and the plant in the front♥ I’m really curious as to what the coloured version will be like!!

I hope she’ll upload her current project too (at least the scribbles) for I think she’s improved a lot. And the squirrel is just too cute♥

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