Van Gogh was a pirate!!

Today I was to drop off my cousins kid in preschool since her work started early. Since we had some time to kill he wanted to make a pirates island. So I got some paper of old drawings and stuff I sorted out yesterday and we got to work. He pulled out this picture of Van Gogh (it’s from when we were experimenting with copying machines, grids, collages back in school) and said “he looks like a pirate”. So he got integrated in the island. (Actually when I made it I subsituted the hat for flames thinking of a german proverb saying “der Hut brennt” the hat is burning meaning it’s high time to take action. )

Here are some more pictures of what we made:

There is a part painted blue which is water. The paper strip hanging down is a waterfall. the yellow bit is the beach. There is a stuffed toy monkey (which we didn’t make), a treasure box (I only realized the round bits were supposed to go on the lid much later) and a palm tree.

In the background you can see a pyramid he made for Lars the Lama (another stuffed toy; I was supposed to make a desert landscape for him, but no time). When I returned and started cleaning up I saw he first tried to have all the sides in one piece and then fold it (like I’d done with the treasure box) but couldn’t figure it out. So he made all sides separately and put them together with sticky tape. I’ll explain him how to do it the next time (if he wants to) We also tried Pippi Langstrumpf but couldn’e finish (for the first attempt we couldn’e find orange, then I apparently did the shirt wrong and the last one didn’t work out either so we put it off for next time). It’s so fun doing stuff with the kids! Especially when you’re the auntie and not mum (since you don’t get the exhausting bits). I walked home after dropping him off (we took the bus there). It was nice walking in the cool morning… ♣

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2 thoughts on “Van Gogh was a pirate!!

  1. natascha

    Kingt lustig!! Ich will auch spielen! …und Tante sein (mein Bruder soll mal in die Gänge kommen…)! Und ich geb dir sooo recht – Tante sein ist devinitiv besser! …oder Oma, aber dafür müsste man ja erst mal Mutter sein,….

  2. pfingstrose

    Ja stimmt! Vielleicht kannst du ja mal zum spielen vorbei kommen😉

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