Corinne Bailey Rae <3

I bought Corinne Bailey Raes CD some weeks ago ♥

I don’t really buy a lot CDs. So me buying a CD means I really really like the music (or the CD cover ;P). But this was special. I wanted the CD really badly. After listening to it at a friends house in Tokyo I really liked it and listened to it on you tube a lot, then I borrowed a friends CD. I wanted to buy it at a regular shop. The first shop only had one of her CDs which didn’t have my favourite song, the next shop didn’t have any of her CDs. The third shop I went to was a CD shop but they only had classical music and opera -_-” So I gave in and ordered it on amazon. Altough I had resolved to buy the CD in a real shop *sigh*

Once I had the CD all that didn’t matter, I was really happy listening to the CD (after I had my mum extract the two CDs from the case, I was afraid of breaking them, they were stuck firmly).

Definately one of my favourite CDs. I really love her interpretations, they go straight to the heart. Her songs are so evocative and her voice is beautiful… I’m listening to the first of the two CDs right now 🙂 I put them into separate cases, btw ♣

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