Priscilla Ahn- A good day

I love Priscilla Ahns Music. Her singing style and lyrics are amazing. Listening to her music makes me smile♣

My favourite song is wallflower 🙂 (The quality of the youtube video is not so good.. I think you can also listen to it on her homepage Also check out this interview where she’s talking about her childhood, how she left to become a singer/songwriter and stuff!

I love this CD especially since it took me so long to get it. I first listened to her CD in 2008, in that huge CD shop near the big Shibuya crossing (the one that has a starbucks inside). It was on the recommodation shelves at starbucks. I listened to it and wrote her name down in my note book to buy the CD later. However, I returned home without buying it (I think all of us were kind of short on money -_-“). I regretted not getting it. I didn’t really see it in any stores back home (I didn’t look too hard though) and didn’t want to buy it on the internet… But I still wanted the CD.

So when I happened to come back half a year later I was determined to buy it. I felt kind of awkward asking for it (Somehow I always feel awkward asking shop clerks for stuff… or ordering stuff… or… well. ) So I ended up in front of the reommended shelves… And there it was. Just two or so CDs left. And one for me. I bought it immediately (despite not having a CD player with me… I could only listen to it upon returning home >_<).

Well, written down like that it doesn’t really sound interesting at all… but I was so happy I still got to have that CD, that it was still in the very place half a year later, just as if it had been waiting for me 🙂

Just now, checking out her homepage so I could link it I read that Priscilla Ahn got married!!

♣ !!!! Congratulations !!!! ♣

She wrote about her very spontaneous wedding in her blog. I really love that they decided so spontaneously… Sometimes everything seems to come together quite perfectly! I really wish that one day I’ll have such a happy wedding 🙂 I’m really looking forward to her new album too♥

Priscilla!! Ganbatte!!

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2 thoughts on “Priscilla Ahn- A good day

  1. My sister loves her, too! LOve the music 🙂

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