handmade blackberry jam <3

Today I made another jam, this time from blackberries/brambles. As far as I can tell it turned out really yummy ❤ (haven’t tasted the cooled down jam yet)

The biggest challenge is fighting the brambles to get the berries. Our brambles grow up into a high hedge which grows on into the neighbouring (neglected) garden. I had to use the ladder. I even tried to get some from the neighbours garden (it’s my aunt’s so it’s ok) and I felt like an adventurer cutting his way through the jungle… I have to take a picture of that!

The process of the jam making is the same as I described for the red currant jam, the only differences are that you don’t have little twigs to take off, you just wash it; After putting it through the strainer there was a lot of the fruit stuck on the bottom of the strainer which I also put in the jam.

I used the remainder of seeds, etc. from the strainer and cooked it with some water to make juice, but it turned out to taste like raspberry-water (which I liked never the less).  I tried some of the finished jam with yoghurt, it was delicious♥

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