Mori Girl meets Gudrun Sjoden?

What would a crossover between Mori Girl and the clothes of the austrian imperial family look like? What would the name for such a fashion be and what could be names for brands selling such clothes? These were some of the thoughts that haunted my mind at work today, fuelled by a script about lolita fashion put together by Miss Alice Austen and the omnipresence of Habsburg aesthetics at my workplace. At first I was imagining a crossover between Lolita and Mori (which exists already. I found this picture of a very nice merge on a blog called Zerudas Wonderworld ♥) But with all the imperial carriages and clothes arround me I started wondering…

So upon returning home I started looking up pictures for Mori Girl and suddenly I started thinking that actually some of Gudrun Sjodens creations could be pretty awesome for Mori Girl… If you pick the toned-down items, that is ^^” But I think the kind of feeling associated with these stiles might be similar. Although Gudrun Sjoden uses quite big and striking patterns sometimes which could be too much for mori girl… But since she uses natural materials and has very comfortable clothes with a very connected-to-nature feel to them it seems to fit 😀

Ah, I don’t know. Is it odd to think Gudrun Sjoden might be used for mori girl fashion? Maybe it’s just me trying to connect two things I like ^^”


Mori girl checklist  –>

What are your opinions on the subject?


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