Grimoire girls/ dolly kei

I first found out about Grimoire /Dolly Kei fashion on this blog explaining the differences between mori girl and grimoire. After taking a look at the pictures, I still like mori girl better, but it’s absolutely worthwile taking a look!


It seems the term Grimoire actually is used for magical books containing spells and explainations on how to make charms and talismans. (See wikipedia) However, the starting point for Dolly Kei is the Tokyo- based store Grimoire.

The store’s concept is an “antique boutique”. Focussing on Europe and the US., they are selling different “antique” items and acessories gathered from many countries and clothes mainly from the period from the second half of the 18th till the second half of the 19th century. Also, they are selling items designed and carefully selected by  Hitomi Nomura (–> dolly). Hitomi ‘s blog Hitomi Nomura’s brand, DOLLY. It’s the mobile phone site.

♣ Check out the article on!!

♣ Also, according to grimoire’s homepage,  there is an upcoming event, “MERRY GO LAND” which will be taking place on sat., September 4th 2010. One of the shops participating is TAROCK WITH RICCO which I’ll mention a bit later♥

The Style

Dolly kei seems to take up a lot of folkloristic and ethnic (mainly european) influences. They are put together in a very girly, princess like way often. It ‘s not so much on the simple, toned-down elegant side. Rather, it’s a wild mixture of different patterns, colours, styles with a lot of layering. The sheer abundance of different patterns, etc. is a little over the top at times (if I were to wear it, that is) but that’s also what makes it so intriguing. Also, there is such a big variety in the outfits… since there doesn’t seem to be any rules (like they have in Lolita fashion) yet. And there are pictures of some truly beautiful and amazing outfits too♥ I think some elements of Dolly kei blended with a casual style could make a really great combination!! Pictures of Grimoire 2nd anniversary event. My favourites:

Tarock with Ricco:


Since I am from an European Country (Austria) I thought how our traditional clothes would go with this fashion. I think some of the awesome designer pieces (eg. Ophelia Blaimer, trentini couture)  created these days could blend in really well (But OMG, are they expensive!!)

Links: has an archive of grimore pictures. Click on “Archive” and you’ll get tons of pictures! Dolly-kei community ♥ Another community many interesting links and info about diff. japanese fashion styles to check out♥ pinkhouse 2010 autumn collection Mori vs. Grimore. The article from which I found out about Grimore! Introduction to Dolly Kei & some nice pics!!

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