Yukinko Akira – rhythm painting

Going through some of my old stuff and unsorted papers I came across this flyer…

[picture to be uploaded some time]

I got this at a performance of the painter /performance artist Yukinko Akira in Kobe in February.

I was travelling alone and didn’t have much to do (Mainly because I suddenly got shy to call the Japanese couple I had randomly talked to in the museum back in Vienna and who were friendly enough to give me their address. I hate myself being chicken!). Well, anyways I was on my way to the youth hostel which was close to Sannomiya station. The evenings were rather chilly… But since I was bored and had nothing else to do I was really glad to stumble upon anything out of the ordinary. And believe me, Yukinko Akiras Performances are waaay out of ordinary. First, imagine this skinny guy standing in front of his easel.

And now imagine he’s not just standing there, but actually jumping and dancing to the rhythms produced by his very own porable beat box!!!  WHILE AT THE SAME TIME producing some really nice art! This guy rocks, literally!!

The picture with the scull like structure turned out to be a really nice portrait in the end!! And the flower picture was awesome too!! in the end he took the picture and rolled it up in the shape of a flower bouquet and bowed down while offering it to the audience which had gathered by then (since he was performing at a little square near the station people waiting would naturally gather… and everyone loved it 😀 ) It was something entirely new for me to watch and highly entertaining! I recommend to stay and watch should you happen to come upon one of his performances!!


http://f27.aaa.livedoor.jp/~painterg/ Yukinko Akiras Homepage

http://www.michaeljohngrist.com/2009/03/yoyogis-yukinko-akira/ Blog Article about Yukinko with good pictures

♣ Find his stuff on youtube!!

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