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Today I would like to introduce a blog by one of my mum’s friends, Petra Schmidt! And no, it’s definately not boring! Since it’s about her job which is foodartist. Well, originally she is a photographer. Together with Saša Asanović she has specialized on taking pictures of…. food ❤ And that just so happens to be one of my favourite subjects!!

Seriously, I’ve always been in awe of her works… Everything just looks sooo tasty!  And really beautiful! One time she did the pictures for a book about viennese sweets… Just soo pretty!!

Unforunately, this is the only picture I’ll post here… Since it’s her job I guess I’d better ask her first! Anyways, you can check out her lovely photos on:

Foodartists blog

Foodartists official homepage

Their picture gallery

I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures as much as I do!!

\( ^_^)/

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