The White Witches

I was just browsing for Pictures of Tilda Swinton as the white Witch when I remembered another white Witch in one of my childhood favourites. So I thought it might be fun to compare different movie characters which all portray a “White Witch” or “White Sorceress” of some kind. Enjoy!!

First of all, the TILDA SWINTON as the White Witch in the NARNIA Movies

Her character is that of the classical “bad witch”, she is cold and evil but strikingly beautiful. She has a very light, natural Makeup; The dreadlocks and Fur give her a somewhat rough, foresty touch. Note the different hight of her icycle crown at different points in the movie. I also like her battle outfit. The white is gone, it looks as though the ice has melted! And the way her hair and shaggy fur combine into a single mane like the image of Aslan is being reflected in her attire. The third picture is my favourite!

(I don’t remember that last one from the movie, but it’s so pretty 🙂

Next,  ANGELA MOLINA as the White Witch in FANTAGHIRO

I really loved the Fantaghiro movies when I was a kid, we had parts 1 and 2 on video. I always thought the white witch really awesome. She is a mysterious and kind of ambiguous character. Although she always means well for the heroine it is clear her priorities lie with her folks (like, the beings of the woods). I love how she is so wise and graceful. Her makeup is refined, kind of baroque but also somewhat frail. It makes her seem like a transcedent being. I don’t like all the details of her costume, especially not the high hat and the neckline. But I absolutely love the puffy volumes of the train… just look at the third picture. That dress looks like clouds or puffy cream ❤

She was also the White Knight that taught Fantaghiro to fight and stuff:

…. and a goose and a mouse. Check out prettier pictures (which I couldn’t directle copy) here:

(scroll to the bottom of the page)


I’m not actually sure she is referred to as a witch. She’s rather the white queen. She is supposed to be the good pure princess in comparison with her horrid sister, but she turns out to be a persiflage of it instead. Her movements are manneristic, like she is reproducing prinncess -esque patterns to promote a certain image. She is a good queen with a lot of quirks and a somewhat morbid and out-of-it air, I suppose. Her Makeup resembles that of the White Witch in Fantaghiro (dark lips, eyebrows and eyelashes, but white otherwise). Her long, wavy hair is that of a fairytale princess as is her white gown.



Galadriel is a little different as well. She is an elf, first of all, but one of the highest and powerful of her kind, ergo something like a soceress. Her living in the woods makes her someshat similar to the White Witch in Fantaghiro, but her appearance is far more natural. She is powerful, wise and good. However, we are also shown what kind of a figure she could have been if she chose to take the ring from Frodo. She is good, but she carries the possibility to turn evil within. Her makeup is very natural. Her long wavy hair is most like Anne Hathaway’s, but in a Lady-of-the-Lake way rather than a Disney princess.

… and in her terrible form when Frodo offers her the Ring

I have to admit that looked more impressing when I watched that part of the movie the other day!

So, what do you think? Are there more similar characters in other movies? If so I’d love to watch them!!


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2 thoughts on “The White Witches

  1. bianca duncan

    white witch from wizard of oz.

    • pfingstrose

      Thanks for your input and sorry I took so long to moderate your comment! I had misplaced my password and had to make a new one (which I realized takes only a few minutes. Sorry!)
      Actually I was watching the wizard of oz recently… I really should put up pictures of her as well!

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