About me…. well.. I like taking photos of my feet ♥

but seriously?

I’m over 20, living in Vienna, Austria. I finished my BA in japanese studies, but my Japanese still sucks, so I decided to take up Translation (not only to improve my language skills but to learn something that has a clearer job perspective too). I’m also continuing Art History, which I started doing a looong time ago.

As you can see I’m not a person with fixed goals that I want to achieve. My aim is changing all the time as are my interests and personality, to some degree. It’s all in Flux. (No, I’m not really a Flux fan -_-“) The thing is, I have so many different interests, different sides that I keep swaying. So I can be all into fashion, cute stuff and poupee girl one day and be like “down with plastic, down with materialism, back to nature!” the other day… And sometimes I get a glimpse of the “real” me, the best me I could be… 😉

Oh well, I got sidetracked there! Anyways, I hope you can enjoy this blog!!

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