Cafe Centoro -Nasushiobara Cafe #1


First off, I’d like to introduce my favourite cafe in town! And let me tell you, Nasushiobara has plenty of exceptionally good cafes to offer – especially Kuroiso. And the best part: plenty of them are a walkable fistance from the station!


Cafe centoro is run by three sisters. It is a rather classic cafe atmosphere wise, wooden furniture, whitewashed brick walls, couple of plants and cute decorations. It is right opposite JR Kuroiso station, so it’s a convenient meeting spot. And great for people watching.


There is free wifi, jazzy bgm and sometimes, they have concerts!

As for the menue, it is a little pricey, but not ridiculously so. My favourite drink is genmai latte, it’s something between 400 and 500¥.


They also have cakes (often with local ingredients), sandwiches and lunch menue (the curry was nice).

Definitely check it out and let me know what you think!



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Tanya Wells

I’m so happy!! I just stumbled across a link of one of Tanya Wells’ music videos on youtube (someone had posted it on facebook).


After having enjoyed the videos there immensely, I found out that since the last time I checked (ages ago, I suppose) she’s put up this wonderful homepage where you can listen to plenty of her wonderful songs!

Just to avoid any confusion, she is the sister of Nicky Wells whom I mentioned a long time back. She has her own homepage as well…
I’m not someone with a whole lot of knowledge about music. All I know is that both of them make truly amazing art. If you enjoy truly beautiful singing, check them out 😀

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foodartists online

Today I would like to introduce a blog by one of my mum’s friends, Petra Schmidt! And no, it’s definately not boring! Since it’s about her job which is foodartist. Well, originally she is a photographer. Together with Saša Asanović she has specialized on taking pictures of…. food ❤ And that just so happens to be one of my favourite subjects!!

Seriously, I’ve always been in awe of her works… Everything just looks sooo tasty!  And really beautiful! One time she did the pictures for a book about viennese sweets… Just soo pretty!!

Unforunately, this is the only picture I’ll post here… Since it’s her job I guess I’d better ask her first! Anyways, you can check out her lovely photos on:

Foodartists blog

Foodartists official homepage

Their picture gallery

I hope you’ll enjoy these pictures as much as I do!!

\( ^_^)/

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handmade blackberry jam <3

Today I made another jam, this time from blackberries/brambles. As far as I can tell it turned out really yummy ❤ (haven’t tasted the cooled down jam yet)

The biggest challenge is fighting the brambles to get the berries. Our brambles grow up into a high hedge which grows on into the neighbouring (neglected) garden. I had to use the ladder. I even tried to get some from the neighbours garden (it’s my aunt’s so it’s ok) and I felt like an adventurer cutting his way through the jungle… I have to take a picture of that!

The process of the jam making is the same as I described for the red currant jam, the only differences are that you don’t have little twigs to take off, you just wash it; After putting it through the strainer there was a lot of the fruit stuck on the bottom of the strainer which I also put in the jam.

I used the remainder of seeds, etc. from the strainer and cooked it with some water to make juice, but it turned out to taste like raspberry-water (which I liked never the less).  I tried some of the finished jam with yoghurt, it was delicious♥

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Corinne Bailey Rae <3

I bought Corinne Bailey Raes CD some weeks ago ♥

I don’t really buy a lot CDs. So me buying a CD means I really really like the music (or the CD cover ;P). But this was special. I wanted the CD really badly. After listening to it at a friends house in Tokyo I really liked it and listened to it on you tube a lot, then I borrowed a friends CD. I wanted to buy it at a regular shop. The first shop only had one of her CDs which didn’t have my favourite song, the next shop didn’t have any of her CDs. The third shop I went to was a CD shop but they only had classical music and opera -_-” So I gave in and ordered it on amazon. Altough I had resolved to buy the CD in a real shop *sigh*

Once I had the CD all that didn’t matter, I was really happy listening to the CD (after I had my mum extract the two CDs from the case, I was afraid of breaking them, they were stuck firmly).

Definately one of my favourite CDs. I really love her interpretations, they go straight to the heart. Her songs are so evocative and her voice is beautiful… I’m listening to the first of the two CDs right now 🙂 I put them into separate cases, btw ♣

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Handmade red currant jam

The other day I made jam out of garden-grown red currants (Ribiseln)♥

It was surprisingly simple (but still a lot of work, especially taking off all the twigs. But I did it in front of the TV :D)

Just pluck them, wash them, take off all the twigs and sort out the bad ones, mix them with the preserving sugar (jam sugar). Bring it to a boil while stirring occasionally, then put it throught the strainer/food mill, cook it again for 6-9 min. et voilà. If there is a lot of foam on the top take it away with a cooking spoon (It seems it will last longer that way)

Put it in the glasses while still hot. Put them upside-down for cooling, it’s supposed to help preserve it better…

The jam tastes a little sour and a little bitter. A little bit like cranberry jam. It would go well with beef ♣

Here are some more pictures♥

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flowers for breakfast

That’s todays breakfast (although I’ll be off for a second breakfast in a minute; Pear quarters, peach and flowers♣

I got a book on cooking with flowers a couple of days ago, so I might try it out one of these days♥

hope you enjoy the picture!!!

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buddha painting

I started this painting 5 years ago, when I was still in school…

I’ve never gotten around to finishing it, which kept bugging me tremendously!! So now I’ve made it one of my goals to finish it this summer ♥

The design is taken from a photo of buddhist art. I don’t think it depicts Buddha, actually… I projected the picture on the canvas and traced the lines, so I didn’t do much in terms of design (except choosing the detail…)  i was originally going to add a lot of ornament (it was pretty detailed in the original for the orange coat; Not sure if I’m gonna follow the original pattern though) So that’s what I’ll try doing! Here are some close-ups!

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Marillenknödel <3

My mum made these apricot dumplings yesterday. They are made with apricots grown in our garden♥

It’s been years since we last had many apricots (seem to be difficult to grow), so I’m extra-happy!!

They taste fabulous with crumbs and sugar♥

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Akane is an Artist I watched in Kobe… She was performing near the train station, singing and playing her keyboard in the icy wind…With a friend? manager? handing out leaflets to the crowd and selling CDs.

<– I bought her CD. It’s just 3 tracks, but it has the lyrics! (She signed it. And she wrote she’s wishing me a nice trip! 😀 ) Her music has a very naive touch to it, and it’s refreshing listening to it…

Check out her homepage!

You can listen to one of her tracks on her blog (youtube video embedded on the right side bar)

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